The olive oil, natural emerald good for your health!

Having no mechanical supports, picking olives is very hard work, but fatigue is immediately rewarded.
Unlike wine, the result is quick to cheer our palates, in fact the olive oil
expresses its best freshly squeezed.Every year, however, always has only one flaw, it’s too little!During their stay, guests are invited to spend a day picking olives,just in this way you can enjoy the quiet that these lands give us. The contact with the plant when you touch the leaves, with your hands to gather the berries, transfers to people all the energy that nature can express a unique feeling!!We produce just 250 bottles of oil per year, that is an excellence sold
only by direct selling. The extra virgin olive oil is of superior quality,cold pressed with strictly organic olives.
The hills of Chianti are known to give a higher quality in extra virgin olive oil.